Flavia Giuffra

Hi there! I’m Flavia. A few of you past curators may remember me as Project Coordinator for @WeAreXpats. After more than a year behind the scenes, I’m so excited to be having a go at curating this week!

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, I’ve now been an expat for a little over seven years. I left at age 19 to go to university in London. Upon finishing my three years of school, I went back home for a brief period before moving to Amsterdam to do a Master’s degree in 2018. I loved it, and it quickly became home. Along came COVID, and I wasn’t able to visit home for a full year and a half until I got my vaccine a couple of months ago and I booked a ticket to Lima. Now, I’m currently staying in Nashville, Tennessee, for the time being. Thankfully, I’ve been able to continue with all of my Amsterdam commitments remotely. This week, I’ll take you along  as I’m adjusting to this new, very different place that’s not quite yet feeling like home – but I’m hopeful!