Jennifer Johnson

Hey there, I’m Jennifer! I’m 32 years old and I’ve been living in Germany since December 2019. I originally moved to Gottingen and recently (two days ago, as I write this) moved to Berlin. I’m from Madison, WI and I have a masters degree in public policy. I have been volunteering & working in Wisconsin politics related positions since 2008, and have continued in Germany by working remotely for a Wisconsin based political organization. I’ve also recently joined Democrats Abroad and am looking forward to helping organize Wisconsin voters throughout the world during upcoming elections! I spend my spare time in Germany fostering dogs from France, taking long walks/runs, and meeting my friends for coffee and drinks!
PS: I’m not usually broadcasting my American status in Germany, but this photo was from 4th of July and I was excited to celebrate my country not being a total political disaster for the first time in four years (post-Trump)!!