Melissa Joulwan

Hello! Dobrý den! We’re David and Melissa, two Americans currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. We’re both from the eastern US (Ohio and Pennsylvania), and we’ve lived together in Sausalito and San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; and White River Junction, VT.

We’ve been a couple since 1990, and one of our favorite things to do together is to explore new places. We’ve visited 25 countries and 33 U.S. states… so far. But we also like to sit quietly and read. Basically, we’re two introverts who crave adventures, as long as we get to choose the time and place.

About 10 years ago, we decided we’d had enough of corporate life and decided that we wanted to move to Europe and travel more. We’d visited Prague several times, and the city was a combination of feeling new-to-us while also, somehow, feeling like home. We didn’t know anyone at the time who’d ditched their regular life to live abroad, but once we’d said ‘We’re going to move to Prague’ out loud a few times, it became easier to believe.

Once we’d decided Prague was where we wanted to be, we made it our goal to find creative work that was rewarding and would allow us to be geographically independent. So we wrote and published the Well Fed cookbook series. After the third volume was out in the world, we sold most of our stuff and moved to Prague.

We’ve been here four years and don’t have plans to leave. The city feels just as magical to us now as it did the first time we visited. We love the architecture, the cobblestone alleys, the parks, the cafés – and it’s a great central location for visiting other places in Europe.

Our latest project is a podcast and website called Strong Sense of Place, and it combines our favorite things: travel and reading. On each episode of our show, we take our listeners on a virtual trip to one destination — we talk about the history, culture, food, music, language, and then we recommend five books that can transport you there on the page.
IG/Twitter: @strongsenseof