Shakti Hannie

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Hi, I’m Shakti and at the moment I am not a true expat as I am living in my birth country. Having grown up in different countries during my childhood, some may call me a third culture kid (TCK). I consider myself a cultural chameleon, enjoying adding more colours to my life by interacting with
other cultures and travelling to unknown and familiar places across the globe.
My name, Shakti Hannie, half Indian and half Dutch, that’s where I grew up as a child. As an adult I lived in UK and USA for a couple of years and for a few months in Peru too…which instantly felt as home. Over the years I have noticed that I can call any place home as long as I am able to connect with like minded people or people who are open to mingling with others and set aside their prejudices. I consider this is a trait common to third culture kids, expats and cultural chameleons.
I’ve travelled to Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia, Iceland, Uzbekistan, Nicaragua, Argentina, Spain, Norway and many more. Each place has its own beauty and challenges. Currently I live in the Netherlands and have recently reinvented my career path. I have taken up my hobby as a writer and published my first novel which is about a girl growing up in different countries and seeing the world through intercultural mingling and trying to understand her own ‘belonging’. It’s called Colours of a Cultural Chameleon. Looking forward to meeting a few more cultural chameleons out there and sharing thoughts and day to day experiences. I am glad to curate for a week.

Twitter: @HannieShakti