Sean C.

Hi all, my name is Sean. Moving from Hollywood, California to rural Japan is probably not too dissimilar from landing on another planet. But here I am 4 years in, with no regrets whatsoever. I’m a marketing professional who had a stint in the music world as a recording engineer in Los Angeles. Now I spend much of my time with my US job (remotely) and also running my own English school. Any spare time is spent with my kids and various creative endeavors. I met my wife in LA, and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves raising kids there.
While the big city has so much to offer, I had always imagined raising kids in the countryside. After several visits to Japan, visiting my wife’s family and seeing the difference in our children’s lifestyle, we decided to make the leap. It’s not entirely a life of sushi and sake (though that’s certainly part of it). There have been many challenges, some anticipated and some surprising. As I navigate these waters I hope to share my experiences with others. I hope you will reach out, ask questions, and share your thoughts with me.