John Sexton

Hi everyone. John here. I am a retired mechanical engineer (HVAC) and ex dive instructor with a keen interest in the sea, sailing, diving and nautical archaeological things. My catch-phrase is, “Find my dive bag and you have found me”

I was born and raised in Texas and am now in Portugal. The path has been anything but direct. I’ve always loved international travel and started early by going to Europe 3 times, Central America 8 times and the Caribbean a multitude of times in the ‘70s.

I ultimately heeded the expat call and left the US in ‘79 to go play…er…work in the Caribe for 5 years as your basic boat bum. After spending time in the Haiti, the BVI and the Turks & Caicos, I followed my (new) partner’s career to Indonesia for 2 years and Geneva for 2 years. Somehow, the following 17 years were spent in the Netherlands and culminated with a move back to the US for my mom. My last move was for an early retirement in Portugal 9 years ago.

To keep myself from being bored, I am part of a project group, Um Mergulho Na Historia, as the dive safety officer and photographer/videographer. I also volunteer with a local animal shelter taking dogs to the vet, picking up volunteers or taking dogs to the airport. Oh, and I love the wine here…