Andy Williams

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Hello, my name is Andy Williams and I am an American living in Italy. I’m a retired US government employee that lives in the northern Italian city of Bergamo. I was born in California but the last place I lived in America was Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have lived in Bergamo for 10 years with my Italian wife and our young daughter.  I always wanted to travel and was able to live in several countries during my career, in fact, I’ve only lived in America for three out of the past thirty years.  When I was working in Italy, I met my (now) wife and she told me if I wanted to stay with her, I would have to stay here, so after some complications and separations I was finally able to settle down and stay with her. We’ve been together 17 years now and married for 12. By now I consider myself more an immigrant than an expat since we’ve bought a house and have established our roots here. I’ve learned to love Italy, its charms and challenges and by now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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