Stuart Billinghurt

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Hello. My name is Stuart. I’m an accident-prone Englishman living in the Netherlands. “How accident-prone?” you might ask. Well, my whole move to the Netherlands back in 2001 was an accident. I’d not been planning to move to the Netherlands. I’d not even been planning to move out of England. I am an accidental expat in every meaning of the phrase. Basically, I applied for a job without realizing it was in another country (to be fair the job advertisement didn’t mention it either). I was surprised to learn that my job interview would be in Amsterdam but I went anyway, did the interview, got the job and three months later moved my whole life to the Netherlands. I had no idea what I was doing.

I’m happy to say that since then I have more or less worked out what I am doing (through a series of more accident-prone misadventures). I love living in the Netherlands. I’m now in my early forties. I’m married to a Dutch lady and we have two children (both of whom speak Dutch better than I ever will be able to, even the four year old).

I even still have the same job that brought me to the Netherlands. I work for Guerilla Games where I make computer games for a living.
I’m also a blogger and cartoonist. I write the blog Invading Holland where I share all my crazy stories. Plus, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.