Nina Tripp

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Hi y’all! My name is Nina Tripp, I’ve been an expat here in Amsterdam for the past two years. I am originally from New Jersey, and I attended the university of South Carolina before moving to the Netherlands to pursue a masters degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Amsterdam in the fall of 2018.
Since completing my masters degree I’ve been on my Dutch Orientation Year visa, using my time to figure out what I want to do next, job hunt, and walk dogs. In my spare time I am a digital and watercolor artist, a frequent reader of murder mysteries, and an avid cyclist. I currently live in the lovely area of de Baarsjes in Amsterdam West, where I spend a lot of time hanging out in cafes and lounging in the 
While I had plans to work for a tour boat company and find a job in the Netherlands that could make me a more permanent resident, the Covid-19 pandemic lead to a change of plans. I’ve decided to return to the US to pursue a career in human rights and refugee advocacy this September, so I’m currently making the most of the time I have left in my favorite city!