Kirsten Waller

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My name is Kirsten Waller and I’m a freelance writer/general communications professional, currently living and job-hunting in very picturesque East Anglia, where the main local features are a friendly accent, a distinct lack of hills and a preponderance of delicious ales and ciders.
Given I live only 50 miles or so from where I was born, I’m something more of a repatriate than a current expat. I lived in the Netherlands from late 2018 until early 2020, having moved there with my long-term ex. Beforehand, I spent 13 years north of the border in Scotland (technically the same country, although I’d much rather it wasn’t), and now live in Norwich with my boyfriend, himself a current expat from Corsica. 
As such, I’m currently in the process of re-familiarising myself with my native county – whilst feeling a strong sense of longing for both previous countries of residence. It’s at times a strange emotional position to be in, but by no means an unwelcome one.
I also helped work on the WeAreXpats project whilst I was living in NL, and can honestly say that the Expat Archive Centre is one of the kindest, most welcoming offices I’ve ever been lucky enough to enter. It will be rather fun to be on the other side of the exchange for a week…