Amerika Garcia Grewal

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Bula Vinaka! My name is Amerika Garcia Grewal and I live in Fiji! Fiji is an island nation with over 300 islands scattered across the 18th parallel, we’re about 2/3 of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. It’s semitropical here, with daily temperatures in the low 20’s Celsius/ low 80s Fahrenheit. I’ve been living here since 2014, sadly, for the last 4 months my husband has been stuck in the US and is unable to join me. Daily life right now is a bit on the strange side as Fiji is Covid-contained; with no community spread schools have reopened and much business is back to normal, but the borders are still shut, repatriated citizens have to spend 14 days in government supervised quarantine.

In the next seven days I will be journeying across the island of Viti Levu, meeting up with Americans who are still in Fiji, as well as regular weekly activities like shopping, paying bills, and some volunteer activities. I’m also going to a dance performance over the weekend and meeting up with friends. I look forward to answering your questions about daily life and to sharing my experiences with you! You can find me on my own account at @amerikag if you’d like to follow me after this week.