Stuart Van Veen

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My name is Stuart. That is to say, not really. My real name is Sjoerd, which is a Frisian name but since no-one is able to pronounce it, I become Stuart as soon as I am outside of the Netherlands. I am Dutch, despite the fact I was born in Hamburg (Germany).

I live in Belgium about 1 km from the French border and 1,5 km from the Luxembourgish border. But since my social life is based in Luxembourg, I consider myself to be living there and not so much in Belgium.

Before the health crisis I was a security agent in Luxembourg. Unfortunately, our clients were shops that had to close, so I lost my job. Before moving here, my wife and I worked as Service Delivery Managers at IBM in Poland, but since she found herself a great job opportunity here, we decided to relocate.

Before that, I worked for the Dutch Army for almost 20 years. During these years, I worked not only in the Netherlands, but I was also stationed in Germany. During my childhood I lived in the Netherlands, England, France and Belgium, so you can say I’ve been around.