Mahua Cavanagh

Hello from Vienna!
Originally for New York, we moved to Vienna from Nairobi last August. I live here with my husband and our two dogs, Oreo and Maddie. This week, as I curate the expat-account, you’ll get a view of my daily life as we slowly come out of Covid-19 lockdown.

The Austrian government has been managing the crisis really well. We all feel lucky to have had it much easier than many other places and to be coming out on the other side. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about it as many other places are just now hitting the eye of the storm. Friends back home in NY and in Nairobi are still in lockdown and will likely be for a while.
But here we are, starting to go out again. It’s a little weird – like a different kind of culture shock. I’ll be sure to tweet as I make my back into the world outside.

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