Sundae Schneider-Bean

Sundae Schneider-Bean is American by birth, Swiss by marriage and an expat in South Africa by choice. Raised in Williston, ND, USA in a farming family, she wasn’t quite prepared for what her adult life had in store for her. Taking her from Spain, to Switzerland, Burkina Faso and later South Africa, she professionalized her passion for culture and transitions along the way. For more than a decade, Sundae has been a solution-oriented coach and intercultural strategist for individuals and organizations. Her clients range from European multi-national organizations to international NGOs, from West and East African country directors to new and seasoned expat spouses, representing over 60 countries across 6 continents. Sundae is the founder of Expat Coach Coalition, host of Nr. 1 rated podcast Expat Happy Hour and founder of Expats on Purpose. Find out more at