Stephanie Cook

Hi, I’m Steph. Born and bred in beautiful Southern Germany, I have always been an avid traveller and language enthusiast. While my roots are definitely Bavarian, I knew from an early age that I needed to spread my wings and explore new horizons. I moved to England in my twenties to pursue a Masters Degree, and met my husband. We decided to start a family and lived in London and Kent for a while, before packing up our belongings and moving to Northern California, where we discovered how much fun it was to explore a country that was new to all of us.

After California, we moved to Austin, Texas, then spent a year back in England, before moving back to Austin. I am fascinated by cultural quirks and differences and love observing and talking to people from other parts of the world. I love writing about this experience, exploring how moving abroad affects family dynamics, friendships, and your sense of identity, and what it’s like to have a family where everybody is shaped slightly differently by their surroundings.

I love hearing about other people’s experiences, especially now that my kids are teenagers. There is so much information on bringing up young TCKs but not so much about teens! You can read about my observations on, (a sort of online memoir of my family’s last ten years) and I’m currently working on creating a podcast, sharing stories with other expats, so watch this space!