Cath Brew

Hi, I’m Cath. Whilst I was raised wholly in Australia, my parents had been expats and were keen to open our minds to the world – for us to meet and learn about different people and cultures. I am lucky to have travelled a lot as a child; incredible experiences that shaped me and would leave me with a lot to think about when I returned from school holidays. It was kind of inevitable therefore, that I would live elsewhere.

I am an illustrator, writer and heritage interpreter now living in the south of England with my South African born British wife.

I run Drawn to a Story which explores Identity, Belonging and Expat Life. I’m fascinated with and specialise in expressing the cultural and personal meanings, and quirks of expat life that we often don’t know how to verbalise. Last year I produced ‘Living Elsewhere’ – 100 cartoons of what it’s like to live outside your home country – the good stuff …. and the truth!

You can find me at: