Lisa Liang

Hi, I’m Lisa. I was raised in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Morocco, Egypt, and Connecticut as a Guatemalan-American business brat of Chinese-Spanish-Irish-French-German-English descent. 

I’m based in Los Angeles and work as an actress in theatre, television, and English- and Spanish-language films. Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey, my one-woman show about growing up as a multiracial TCK/Global Nomad, toured on four continents and is now a film on DVD and HD (streamable). I’m also a published essayist; have a blog about creating and touring a solo show; and for three years I wrote the column “TCK Talent” for I’m also the co-host of the longest-running podcast on the multiracial and TCK experiences, “Hapa Happy Hour.”

I have a workshop on writing one’s intercultural solo show, memoir, or personal essay, which I’ve lead at colleges/universities, conferences, and in private lessons in L.A. and via Skype with participants all over the world. I’m honored to be curating @WeAreXpats this week.