Annick Eisele

I am Annick. I was born and bred in the charming city of Strasbourg, The idea of spending some time living abroad came as a teenager when the main character of a French series for teenager I was watching was sent to study in Los Angeles when the actress needed time for her own studies. Later, I also met several people who went abroad with the Erasmus program. At first I was considering Wales, Iceland and Finland, but in the end I decided to go outside of the EU at the University of Saskatchewan (such a cool name)in the middle of Canada.

The summer after coming back, I went on a trip to Ireland where I met some Australians on a working holiday. I’ve looked into the scheme and applied for an Australian WHV which was granted in a matter of minutes. I’ve almost toured the whole country, except for the Golden Coast and the Red Centre. I then came back to France for a year and a half before going to Leeds in the UK in 2008. Leeds was for from a success for me some me, so I moved to London in 2009 where I’ve been since working in different job, but mostly as a translator/content writer. After 10 years in London, I’ve decided to come back home in Strasbourg at the end of the month – and no, it’s not because of Brexit.