Amanda Walkins

Hi all! I’m Amanda Walkins, a serial expat and full-time freelance content writer. Originally from the Boston area in the US, I have lived in several other countries, most recently Roatan (Honduras), Malta, Northern Spain, and Edinburgh (Scotland). Scotland has been my expat home off-and-on since 2015 and I’ve grown to love this beautiful country in that time! I love showing it off to tourists and helping future expats figure out their journeys here. I’ll be sharing lots of the reasons why I love Scotland during my RoCur week!

As a freelance writer, I also have fantastic flexibility to travel as much as I want. I do so through house and pet sitting, primarily, while also enjoying visiting my friends and family in other countries. I’ve been very lucky to have some incredible experiences since I left the US back in 2012. I share lots of them on my website¬†¬†– feel free to come along for this crazy expat ride! I’m also in all the usual spots, where I’d be happy to have you join me:

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