Carlie Bonavia

Hello! I’m Carlie and my expat journey began in a very cliché way for an Aussie – I moved to London. It was 2013, I had a very successful career as a radio newsreader, but also a European (Maltese) passport burning a hole in my pocket. So I quit my job and left for what I thought was two years (max) of doing random hospitality work, traveling as much as I could and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It is now my sixth year abroad. I spent three years in the UK before I moved to Strasbourg in France in 2016, for love. I was lucky enough to take my London job with me, so I remote work as a Content Writer for a global company. I also do some freelance voiceover, blog occasionally and host a podcast talking to fellow Expats about their experiences. I think I will be in Strasbourg for a while yet – my boyfriend and I just bought a house here!