Stefanie Kogler

Hello, I’m Stefanie!

I left a small Austrian village in the mountains (yes, just like the Sound of Music, only my clothes were not made of curtains) when I was barely 18 years young and I never looked back. Leaving the trappings of a very traditional, catholic, and conservative background, that I always struggled to understand, proved the best thing I did for myself.

I moved to the UK and lived there for 16 years. I was able to follow my ambitions and found that being outgoing and different was not such a bad thing after all. The UK made me who I am today and I am forever grateful for having been accepted there for all those years. Throughout that time, I worked, volunteered, and got myself through university, which was a lifelong ambition of mine.

I also lived in South America for a year studying, travelling the Gringo Trail, and learning Spanish, and I backpacked through Japan on my own, which was an amazing experience.

I met my husband in Switzerland a few years ago, and it became clear quite soon that my time in the UK was up (also partially due to a well-known referendum you may have heard of). We moved to Germany, and I have been here for about two years.

Still, I will always regard the UK as my home. I have made lifelong friends there and I think and feel in English. I visit my adopted home as often as I can.

As an art historian and curator, I keep a social media diary of exhibitions I visit and art I see around.

You can find me on Instagram @ruptureworkinprogress and on twitter @rupturework and @skogle.