Judith Waller

Hej, I’m Judith, and this is my second time curating this account, I guess you could call me a seasoned expat, having left my birthplace, Manchester, UK, over 12 years ago, and now residing in my third country, Sweden, after a short time in the US, and 10 years in Switzerland, and of course, travelling to many others!

I “was” a research scientist by trade, having a background in material science and engineering, but curiosity keeps getting the better of me, so in August last year I quit my job in Switzerland, packed up my stuff into a car (and a small truck that followed a few weeks later) and drove up to “Northern” Sweden, to live in Ă–stersund, where I’m now in my second, and final year of a Masters degree in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development, learning about the challenges facing the planet as we strive for sustainability, and trying to fit as many other activities into my spare time as possible!

I’m currently vice president of the committee for international students, a trip leader in the snow and outdoor section of the university sports section, and a mentor in the library, helping other students out with study issues.

Sweden has very quickly become my home, and I’m thoroughly enjoying life up here, so this week I want to share the joys of the dark Swedish winters, and show you why I have no regrets about moving here, and to interact with you throughout the week! I can also be found at @judithwaller