Dan Hewitt


Konnichiwa everyone.

I’m Dan, a 34 year old northern lad with a passion for content creation and punk rock.

Originally from Sheffield in the UK, I moved to Japan in April 2016 and never looked back. I currently find myself living and working in Osaka, Japan. The people of Osaka are so awesome and friendly and the food is out of this world. There is so much to see and do that you could be here for decades and still not see it all.

As for my work, I teach English in a junior high school. Like a lot of people, I left the UK as I felt trapped in a life that wasn’t for me and needed to start fresh. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Things that make me tick include going to live punk shows, going to awesome Japanese festivals and blasting out some tunes in Karaoke. I document a lot of my life and adventure in Japan on my youtube channel so please check it out if you have the time.

On social media, you can find me on almost anything with the name @jadandandan