Sarah Peel


Originally from the small town of Lakefield, Ontario in Canada, I moved to Japan for three years in 2000. 18 years later I still haven’t found my way back home. I now live and work in Shanghai, China as an early years music specialist at a large bilingual preschool. Other homes have included Beijing, China and Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture. I struggle to define myself as an expat. I’ve always made the choice to live and work overseas. There is very little permanent about the life we lead. I may have been in China 12 years, but its visa to visa, contract to contract, and so much as we choose to stay we cannot choose to settle.

When I’m not coteaching bilingual music classes for small humans I am an avid reader (41 books and counting this year!), casual cook, and enjoy connecting people with one another so amazing things can happen. If you’re looking to do the same, visit an amazing organization serving expat families in Shanghai. I share my life with my 14 year old daughter from my first marriage (known online as Plusone) who is half Chinese, my British partner (known online as The Fella) who is an engineer, and our grouchy old cat Meefball. I also love music and sing with friends around Shanghai whenever I get the chance. If you’d like to hear me sing visit for free access to my six song EP recorded here in Shanghai with some very talented friends.

Twitter: @sarahplusone WeChat: Sarahplusone