Erin Gustafson

I’m Erin and I’ve been around the world, lived in many states and accumulated a myriad of addresses, but Oregon is where I’m “from.” Something about the mossy mountainous green goodness out there seeps into your soul and doesn’t let go. The Oregon Trail is for explorers, wanderers, cultivators. We seek. We create. We do.

I am a creatively minded explorer of life. Off the Oregon Trail, for now, I am currently living and doing and documenting a life across borders in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2014. With my boisterous family of five, I am enjoying this journey with all its bumps and turns. I believe in continuous learning and growing. An aesthete at heart, I have an appreciation for design – as much in the natural world as in architecture or art.

Our family moved to Denmark for my husband’s position with Vestas Wind. The clean, family-friendly and sustainably oriented capital city suits us. We have given up the car and adopted the Danish bicycle culture and efficient public transportation system. I work to bring our sustainable lifestyle choices with us when we travel and believe that you can explore thoughtfully when away from home. Respecting and supporting local economies and ensuring our impacts are positive are key tenets of our family travel philosophy.

When you are open to the world, the world opens for you. I adore meeting new people, discovering their “from” story and learning how that impacts their why and here and now. I blog at where you will find stories, images and thoughts on connecting as humans, life in Denmark and ideas on how to travel more sustainably. Want to connect? I’d love it!

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