Halee Pagel

I’m Halee from Cali (a double whammy mnemonic device for you to remember my name and where I’m from!) and I live in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. Some of my past jobs include: retail worker, wildlife rehabilitator, Peace Corps volunteer, administrative assistant, edible fruit arrangement creator, and currently I teach English online. School, work, and love have given me the chance to live in five countries across three continents: Sweden, Canada, Mongolia, and Japan.

Living abroad has been one of the greatest challenges of my life. Why do I continue down the path of the expat life? The friends, the experiences, and the food have all equally made the struggles of living in another country worth it. Through all of this I’ve been able to keep up my hobbies and add some new ones: playing the clarinet, never missing an Angels baseball game, and adventuring in Dungeons & Dragons. My husband and I started a YouTube channel, Two Second Street, where we try Japanese snacks and showcase the wonderful places we’ve visited in our current home country. Check it out if you want to see us try some truly strange foods, gyoza hot dog interest you?

If you want to know more about me, follow me on twitter @2ojosazules.