Tara Brannigan


I’m Tara J. Brannigan, American by birth and wanderer by choice. I’ve been living abroad for five years now. I’m a game industry geek, and have spent almost the entirety of my professional life working on video games across PC, console, and mobile. The game industry has taken me around the world; First to New Zealand, and now Germany! I work in the field of Community Management and Customer Support, and am happiest when I can work on building great player experiences.

I currently live with my fantastically supportive partner, and our beautiful (and grumpy) old-man cat named Harley in Karlsruhe, Germany. In my free time I make strange jewelry and costumes, some of which you can see at my (massively outdated) website: or on Twitter @kindofstrange! Fair warning, the latter is mostly GIFs, rambling about community development, and copious cat pics!

Random interests I’ll talk about for hours: Metalsmithing, Jewelry design, Weird animals, Cats (see previous), Fashion, Travel, and of course, video games.

Controversial opinions: Cheesecake is really more of a pie/tart than it is a cake, and waffles are far superior to pancakes.