Nora Cavara

Hello, I am Nora, and originally from a city named Essen (which literally means „Food“) in Germany. My family lived basically on the Dutch border, so traveling there and to all of our neighbouring countries was a normal weekend pastime for me growing up.

But I have never really lived abroad until last year, when I moved with my husband to Vancouver, Canada on an assignment from the large multinational corp I work for. Initially, we are planning to be here for three years – but who knows what will happen along the way.

I am still in that phase of marvelling at similarities and differences between the west of Germany and the west of Canada. The Vancouver region in particular seems like such a vibrant and diverse area that it is hard to capture the spirit of this place. At work, you could plug ten random colleagues in a meeting, and not two of us will share the same accent speaking English.

I am excited to be a part of this, and to see where this journey will lead…
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