Marisa Miller


I am Marisa, an ex-pat from Wisconsin, USA living with my husband and 2 sons in Kassel, Germany. We moved here one month ago for my husband’s work at a solar energy company after visiting for in 2017 for 3 months. I knew immediately when we went back to the US that I wanted to move to Germany, permanently. It is beautiful and full of the old (castles) and the new (wind turbines and solar arrays). The attitude of the people regarding conservation, sustainability and renewable energy is inspiring and as a former chef, the quality and cost of food is astonishing to me.

My favorite activities are going to all the zip-line parks with my boys, swimming in the miraculous thermal baths, and taking road trips with the family, making them stop at all abandoned stone houses so I can peer inside and imagine what life was like in another time.

I am @onlyonemarisa on Twitter and @marisaleemiller on Insta J