Stephanie Fuccio

Hi everyone,

I am an American who has been living overseas for the majority of the past 14 years. Since moving to Asia in 2003, I have lived in Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and am now in Shanghai, China with my wonderful husband (because it makes sense to move to Vietnam to meet and marry another American, right?) Shanghai is often under the radar for most folks because of the misunderstood information that is generally shared by the media about China as a whole. I hope to show you some different sides of Shanghai this week.

I love coffee, long walks while listening to audiobooks, and art in many visual forms, so expect to see plenty of these things during my curation week as well. I look forward to your questions, comments and feedback on my tweets, before and after this week of curation.

I will also inevitably share what I am working on with my 3 passion projects:

  1. Armchair Expat podcast: a podcast with two purposes, reviewing expat and geopat creative projects AND doing some light research into what people outside the community are writing about our crazy lives overseas

  2. Expat Rewind podcast: where expats and geopats read something they shared online about their first year experience in a country and then reflect out loud about it thus demystifying the leap to living overseas and showing folks that it really does get easier after that pesky first year.

  3. Changing Scripts YouTube channel: a language learning vlog where I chronicle the process of learning to read simplified Mandarin Chinese