Pamela Koselig

Hola everybody!

My name is Pamela, a 29 year-old Mexican girl who has been living in Norway for the last 6 years.

Since I was very little I saw on TV a documentary about the Northern Lights and I immediately fell in love with them, I became very curious about the Nordic countries thanks to that.

For many years I searched around to find an opportunity to study abroad, and before I finished my College degree I found that my University had an agreement with a University in Norway.

I decided to apply and without telling anyone I took the admission exam, many weeks later I got a phone call “Pamela, you passed the exam with very good results and you will have an scholarship… “, imagine the face of my mother when I told her “Mom, I am going to Norway”.

So yeah, I came to Norway to study a double-degree Master program, and I stayed because I got married with a wonderful Norwegian guy 🙂

During the process of looking for information to come to Norway I realized there’s no much out there in Spanish, and I thought it could be nice to do something about it, so in 2016 I decided to start making videos and creating content about Norway in Spanish, and that’s how my project “Pame Koselig” (a mix between my name “Pame” and “Koselig” a very Norwegian word that can’t be translated but that represents the feelings of well-being and comfort) started.

I am a postcard collector, I have a bit over 700 postcards from around the world! And I also collect everything related with “Alice in Wonderland”.

I love traveling, pen-palling, listening to music, going to concerts, doing DIYs and handcrafts, playing video games, reading, and taking pictures.

I hope my week in @WeAreXpats can provide you with a window to our life and our experiences.

You can find me in Instagram and Twitter: @Pame_Koselig