Tamar Godel

Hi, I’m Tamar!

I was born and raised in the US, just outside Philadelphia, PA. My mother lived in Israel for about fifteen years, and my Israeli father has been in the US for going on thirty years, and though we didn’t travel much as a family (it’s hard with four kids!), they always encouraged us to keep our passports updated and explore the world.

My passion is teaching, so the minute I graduated with my teaching certification I hightailed it to Seoul, South Korea, where I teach English. I was here for nearly two years, and then left for six months – two in Europe and four back home. Now I’m back in smoggy, lovely Seoul for (hopefully!) a few more years. I don’t intend to be a permanent resident here (or anywhere), so I see myself more as an expat than an immigrant, but who knows what the future brings!
I was working with preschoolers while I was back in the US, so my current focus is making my travels accessible and comprehensible to very young people. Hopefully many of my posts will be things you can share with your children!