Summer Rylander

Hi everyone, I’m Summer!
I’m a 30-something from the U.S. (Oregon and South Carolina, if you’re curious), and I’ve been living in Nuremberg since late 2015. I’m married to a Swedish guy who works for a German company, which is how I ended up here in the charming region of Franconia.
I’m currently freelancing as a writer, English teacher, and occasional dog-walker. My greatest interests are travel and food/cooking, so I’m usually daydreaming about going somewhere or cooking something. I love reading, the outdoors, good coffee, hoppy beer, and tooling around on the internet.
Curating WeAreXpats is an exciting opportunity to delve into the concept of what it means to be an expat. Learning the language, finding a job, making new friends, the sometimes-quirky differences between the U.S. and Germany—I can’t wait to talk about all of it with our great little Twitter community!