Alex Hayden-Gilbert

Hello world.

My name is Alex and I’m an expat. I was born in Hong Kong to two English teachers. We moved to the UK and lived near Southhampton for seven years, after which we moved to Bangkok, Thailand. And 30 years later, I’m still here.

Now I have a Thai wife and 2 half breed kids who are attending a bilingual school here. I’ve spent a year as a house husband looking after the kids.

I enjoy spending my time caring for the kids and they’re the biggest part of my life at the moment. I’m grateful for having been able to be a house husband.

My hobbies are cooking and eating as I frivolously enjoy both. Oh and TV so I love cooking shows. I view them as a way to learn a technique that can be adapted around recipes I read from books. My favorite things to cook include Vivek Singh’s vindaloo curry, mac and cheese for the kids, & mild yogurt curry for the kids — oh and roast chicken for the missus.

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