I’m Snuva, a Tasmanian by choice rather than by birth enjoying a ‘post-expat’ life on Australia’s island state.

I was born near Annapolis in the US, however I never felt I fit in. Although a typical American mutt, my family was always closest to our Swedish heritage as my father had lived there as a child. My family traveled a lot around the US when I was a child – camping all over in a VW Kombi. That mixed with my feeling of otherness meant that as soon as I foreign languages were offered in high school I signed up (French), added German as soon as I could in community college, and looked forward to exploring foreign places.

I was able to make use of a work exchange programme and spent two summers working for Migros in Switzerland. Living in the centre of Europe was great for weekend travel! After this I spent two years studying in Paris where I finished my BA, then I moved to York in the UK to do a Masters degree. After this I felt directionless; I certain didn’t want to return to the US, but where too next? I spent some time in Sweden, worked in London, house sat in Wales, etc.

A long distance relationship with a friend of a friend meant the next place I wound up was unexpected: Sydney, Australia. I didn’t think it would the the sort of place I like, but in fact it has suited me well. After that relationship ended I decided to move to Hobart, Tasmania – and I’ve never regretted it.

I’ve now lived in Australia more than half my life, am a citizen, have 2 dogs, a son, and a husband – so I don’t consider myself an expat any more. I make a miserable attempt at satisfying my wanderlust with travel.