Kevin O’Shea

Hello, I’m Kevin O’Shea and I’m a brand new expat to Beijing, China.

I’m originally from Nova Scotia Canada. I’ve worked professionally as a musician, game developer and teacher.
I left the game design industry andI moved to South Korea in 2002 to become an English teacher. In 2006 I met my Japanese wife (also a teacher) in Busan, Korea.
We spent some time in Canada and then I moved to Kobe, Japan where I would live for nearly 10 years. In Kobe I worked as an International school teacher. I became a father of two kids in Kobe and started to raise them there.
During all of this time I have been a fanatical content creator. I have been a YouTube video blogger since 2006 and creator/host of the Just Japan Podcast. Creating great travel/education/entertainment content is a passion of mine.
Now I live in Beijing with my wife and two kids. Both my wife and I teach at a big international school and my kids are students there. I still podcast about Japan, but video blog about Beijing life and share everyday Beijing on social media.