Nianne-Lynn Hendricks

Namaste! My name is Nianne-Lynn Hendricks (just like the gin!) and I’m an Indian with Anglo roots living in Bangkok, Thailand, since 2001.

I am a journalist by profession and work for Thailand’s leading English-language newspaper. I am known as the “mayor” of East Bangkok and sometimes referred to as “hot chocolate” by my friends. (Go figure!)

I used to co-own one of Bangkok’s Top Tables, Seven Spoons, until January this year and food is a major part of my life, as you are about to find out. I am in my element in the kitchen and among chefs. A certified Swedophile, I am a lover of all things Viking.

Larger than life and often “too bold” for an Indian woman, I am coming at you all week. So saddle up and enjoy the ride!

Twitter: @niannelynn
Instagram: @niannelynn