Mahua Cavanagh

Hello from Nairobi!

I’m a New Yorker and a User Experience Strategist and Designer. My husband and I have moved to Nairobi for his UN job. We plan to be in Nairobi for at least a few years (6 total – more if we can). After two years here so far, we’ve fallen in love with Kenya. It’s an amazing country and Nairobi is really fun city.

This week, as I curate the expat-account, you’ll get a view of my day to day life…and…our first week with our new dog, Oreo. We just (like last Friday) adopted her. She is our first dog in Kenya. I’m sure she and I will have many adventure to share with you!

If you like what I’m tweeting, you can check out my my blog: That is where you can read about our adventures (and maybe a few misadventures), life as an expat in Nairobi, and maybe even some helpful tips.

You can also find me on:
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