Robynne Tindall

Hi, I’m Robynne and I’m a Brit living in Beijing. I moved here in 2011 after graduating from university with a degree in Chinese studies (i.e. Mandarin language). At the time I was struggling to find decent jobs in the UK that incorporated Chinese language, so I decided to try out my skills in their country of origin! Six years on, I’m still living it up in this crazy city.

I am currently a freelance writer, translator, and marketing and pr consultant (a very long title to fit on a business card!). The majority of my time is spent working for one of Beijing’s biggest English-language magazines/websites, the Beijinger. There, I blog about food, travel, and health and also act as the manager of their content marketing department. Outside of the Beijinger, I work with a number of food and travel brands to help them create engaging content and write inspiring articles about Beijing and beyond. 

I’ve lived abroad a couple of times in the past, including a year working in Chennai, India, when I was 18 and a year at university in Nanjing, China, as part of my degree. Both are cities I’d heartily recommend!

Twitter: @gongbaobeijing
Instagram: @gongbaobeijing