Alice Diaper

Hi, I’m Alice and I am a Brit living in Erlangen, Germany. I moved here with my fiancĂ©e (who I am marrying in Oxford in August 2017) due to an opportunity he was given with his job at Siemens. The work he was doing at Siemens in Oxford was quite similar to what he is doing here, and he use to travel to Erlangen fairly regularly for work, so his job was actually a source of security and a constant when we moved.
Whilst this is my first time living abroad, I have moved around the U.K. a bit. I grew up in the suburbs of Southampton and then went to university in Bath. I then moved to Oxford to complete my teacher training and then to Witney, Oxfordshire, where I worked as a Chemistry teacher in a local secondary school.
I knew very little about Erlangen before we moved here, but I have grown to love it. There always seems to be something going on and it is a great mix of traditional German and international communities. I have been enjoying taking German lessons and have been extremely lucky to have found some work opportunities at the local International School.
The current plan is to stay here for 2-4 years and then go back to Oxfordshire. But who knows what the future holds! We are certainly loving our German life at the moment.