Keira Ashley

Hi there! My name is Keira and I’m an Australian girl living in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to Tokyo in January 2017 after visiting twice in the years before (2015 & 2016). I grew up living in the country in Australia, so the intense Tokyo city life was a big change for me.

I am currently working as an English Teacher both privately and at a school. I also do Modeling and Acting here in Tokyo. It may not be something I 100% love but it gives me the opportunity to live abroad.

I have also previously travelled to Fiji, London, Scotland & Paris. For now my heart lies in Tokyo, but I hope to relocate to the UK within the next two years. I also want to travel to see more of Europe and East Asia.

I sometimes make YouTube videos which is more of a hobby than a job, please feel free to subscribe to see more about my life here in Tokyo!

I also have a travel ig account: