Shmuli Evers

Hi, I’m Shmuli. I’m born in the same city as Piet Mondriaan, a city in the center of Netherlands, Amersfoort. Son of a Rabbi, I grew up in a large family where most of my siblings and my parents hold positions in education (I have done 3 month), but we also have some working in catering and real estate, and then there is me, doing graphic design by day and photography in the evenings.

I left home at the age of 16, spending two years in France, 2 years in Israel, 2 years in USA (NYC & Buffalo) and 1 year in Pretoria, South Africa where I received my Rabbinic ordination.

I taught Hebrew studies in Amsterdam for 3 month and moved on to NYC to work for a photographer. While there I met my wife in Philadelphia, got married in London (where she is from) and moved back to live in Brooklyn, that we have now called home for over 12 years with our 3 sons.