Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson grew up in Florida in the United States, always looking to be on the move. After graduating with a degree in English that focused on linguistics and fiction, he moved to Fukushima, Japan, for 5 years to teach and travel. While teaching, he also ran a magazine for ex-pats, organized snowboarding trips and blood-drive events for other ex-pats in his area, and did writing and translation to help people connect to new experiences in a foreign culture. He is currently married to his wife Xan, a New Zealand citizen, whom he met while they were working together in Fukushima.

After Japan, they moved to the “coolest little capital city” of Wellington, New Zealand so his wife could work with the Embassy of Japan there. When not being a happy house-husband, Steven now freelances with international clients on various writing, editing, and translation projects, most recently for the Japanese restaurant review site Hot Pepper. In their downtime, Steven and Xan explore the lively food, drink, and art scenes that Wellington has to offer, while also staying connected to Japan and other cultures.

He doesn’t blog, but does occasionally remember to put photos on Instagram or thoughts on Twitter as @distantshores.