Dave dV

Having grown up and lived in a dozen countries, Dave is as TCK as they come. Places he has inhabited so far include, in order of duration: the UK, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, Kyoto, Berlin & a few more exotic locales buried in distant childhood memories…

Having first set foot and explored Japan on-and-off for a few years in the early 2000s, Dave came back 8 years ago to Kyoto as a postgrad student, then moved to Tokyo, where he has been living ever since. He now works in “Bioinformatics” (mainly Machine Learning applied to genomics), sharing his time between academic research and industry ventures. In practice, this translates to spending the major share of his time staring at computer screens or presentation slides, but “working on a cancer cure” is his preferred way to introduce himself at cocktail parties.

He thankfully refrains from posting about any of the above on his Twitter account, which instead features random cultural tidbits, snaps of humorous encounters throughout his daily life, pictures of his cats, and the occasional profanity-laden political tweet.

Dave is still not sure about the whole ‘expat’ label thing, as it implies some strong sense of being temporary removed from one’s dearly missed country, whereas he does not have any specific plans to “go back” somewhere eventually (even more so, in light of the recent attempt at a countrywide mass-suicide known as ‘Brexit’).

He is also starting to have doubts about that whole talking-in-the-third-person thing, but feels it might be too late to go back on that one.

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