Rebecca Jade

I’m Rebecca Jade, and I’m originally from north Wales. For those who don’t know, Wales is part of the United Kingdom, and we have our own distinct culture and language, which I was immersed in growing up. I haven’t lived in Wales many years, having moved to London at the age of 18 and staying for 18years. The move to a big city hundreds of miles away was huge, and after that long in London I had close friends, musical collaborators, a husband and a child there. But in October 2016, we made an even bigger move over the ocean to the USA.

I now live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my family, including Cat Vonnegut. My husband is originally from here so I had a good tour guide when we first arrived. We are both musicians, and I work for an environmental organization.

As a parent of a Londoner who I try to pass Welsh culture down to, but is also part-Italian and part-Romany and now considers himself an American, I’m interested in cultural identity: how much is inherited from our family, and how much is purely about the geography of where we are raised.

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