Lucille Abendanon

Lucille Abendanon is a freelance writer and blogger whose interests include the ups and downs of expat life, raising third culture kids, history and travel. She has three nationalities and if you ask her where she’s from, you’ll never get a straightforward answer, because there isn’t one.

Lucille gets to reinvent her life every three years as she moves around the world with her husband, their two tri-national bilingual boys, and the family cat.

She has lived in England, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa and currently calls The Netherlands home, where she is hoping that her memories of the African sun will see her through the winter months. Lucille is a contributor to the expat anthologies Knocked Up Abroad Again, and A Cup of Culture and A Pinch of Crisis. Her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Your Danish Life, and Global Living Magazine and she writes about travel and the expat experience on her blog