Marty Karaffa

Son of a steelworker, Marty was born in Pittsburgh.  He spent his early years in McKeesport, a then-thriving industrial town in the Monongahela Valley.

When he was a teenager, his family moved to Australia, settling in Adelaide.  This relaxed, progressive city built his character; it taught him the values of fairness and open-ness by which he tries to live his life today.

After graduating in linguistics, Marty started a career in advertising in Melbourne.  From Melbourne, his company posted him to Tokyo, a city which greeted him with warmth and kindness.  It proved a life-changing experience, not least because he met his Japanese husband, Masa.

Marty’s next posting, to New York, proved a problem. The US Defense of Marriage Act was still in place, which (among other things) forbade the recognition of same-sex relationships for immigration status.  Three years of long-distance love frustrated the pair.

It led them to Germany.  Marty and Masa now enjoy life in the inner suburbs of Munich, a gracious city that indulges their tastes for music, art and conversation.
Marty writes about his expat experience on his blog, Deutschland über Elvis, and tweets the occasional tidbit as The Honourable Husband.