Megan Janicke


Hello, my name is Megan Janicke and I am from Kentucky and Texas, USA. I am a writer, insatiable reader, social media junkie, TexMex enthusiast, cyclist and adventurer. My love of writing and reading drew me into the world of journalism where I managed a hectic television newsroom. Then, my craving for adventure took me across the world with my bicycle. I pedaled around New Zealand, Vietnam and parts of Europe before settling down in North Holland with my wonderful Dutch partner in January 2016. Most recently, my enthusiasm for TexMex propelled me to launch the first bicycle food cart serving queso in the Netherlands, called Howdy Queso. And, I suppose my addiction to social media led me to tweet my expat life @WeAreExpats. You can learn more about my TexMex here and my bicycle travels here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.