Fernando Gros

Fernando Gros

I’m a photographer and artist who lives in Tokyo with my wife and daughter. Born in Chile, I moved to Australia as a young child and grew up like a classic third culture kid, speaking English at school and Spanish at home. In my late 20s, I moved to London, where my daughter was born. When she was 2, we moved to Delhi, then later Hong Kong, and Singapore, before arriving in Tokyo in 2013.

Along the way, I switched careers, leaving academia and going back to studio work, music and then photography. This experience was summarised in my first book No Missing Tools. I also regularly share experiences of living and working in Japan on my blog, and also Twitter and Instagram.

Everyone knows about the amazing spring in Japan, where the cherry blossoms burst forth in clouds of white and pink. But, it’s only one of the amazing seasons (some say we have 72 of them). I love autumn the most, when the ginkgo trees light up like great shards of yellow and gold. The air turns crisp and is so inviting for long walks and hikes. And of course, it reminds us it will be winter soon, when the snow will fall and we’ll catch the fast trains into the mountains to go skiing.

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