Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

English-born former corporate IT professional Matthew Smith swapped the livestock country of rural Devonshire for the South Australian grain-belt. His move started with contrasts which set the tone for the last fifteen years, being snowed in the week before leaving England, and arriving to temperatures in excess of 40ÂșC.

Matthew lives on a rural property with his Australian wife, ten Labradors, a horse, a budgerigar, and a vintage tractor. Working from home as a freelance software developer and IT consultant, he enjoys cooking, art, music, observing the local flora and fauna, science and humanities Twitter RoCurs, and studying Cold War history.

Administrator of the @WeRWorld Twitter “global village” RoCur account, Matthew can normally be found holding forth as @smiffy, tweeting mostly in English, with the occasional bit of bad French thrown in for good measure. Instagram: @schamiyam

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